Naturopathic Medicine, Massage Therapy & Reflexology is covered by Most Extended Health Care Plans

Many people have extended health care coverage through your employment. Some local employers offer benefits for alternative health care. It is important to look into your health care coverage through your extended health care plans and have a good idea as to what is covered. Asking your provider the right questions may eliminate any sort of confusion:

  1. What is the maximum amount per year that I can get covered for myself and my family?
  2. Is there a limit to an initial visit consultation? c) Do you cover any naturopathic lab services? d) Are supplements covered by my plan?

Methods of Payment Accepted **: We are now offering Direct Billing for naturopathic & massage therapy visits for most companies. Please call your insurance companies ahead of time to see if direct billing is offered under your plan & amount of coverage per visit.  The clinic cannot guarantee that all plans will be covered under direct billing.

Cash, Debit and Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard) & Direct Billing (Naturopathic & Massage Therapy Appointments)

Naturopathic Services

Naturopathic Services

Initial Intake Adult

Pediatric Initial Intake 60 minutes: $190

30 minute follow up

Acute 15 minute follow-up: $62

Pediatric 30 min follow-up: $99

45 Min Follow-up
60 Min Follow-up

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Acupuncture with ND

Prices vary depending on frequency

30-minute treatment $95

45 Minute treatment $105

IV Nutrient Therapy

Costs vary depending on IV requested. Please call the clinic for our prices on our Meyers Cocktail, Glutathione Pushes, High Dose Vitamin C and more.

B12 and Vitamin D Shots

B12 Shot: $28

Vitamin D shot: $39

Nutritional Counselling Services

Nutritional Counselling Services

Full Nutritional Assessment & Initial Consultation (1.5hrs)
Nutritional Consultation (1hr)
Nutritional Consultation Follow Up (30 Mins)
Live & Layered Blood Initial Visit (1hr)
Live & Layered Blood Follow Up (30 Mins)
Metabolic Balance (30 Mins)

* If you enrol in the program, the consult fee will be deducted from your full program fees.

*Please Call the Clinic for Pricing for this program

Nutritional Consult Packages

3 – 1hr consults $200
5-1hr consults $350

Full Nutritional Assessment & Live Cell Analysis Consultation Package (2hrs)
Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

30 Minute Massage
45 Minute Massage
60 Minute Massage
75 Minute Massage
90 Minute Massage

All massage services are offered by our Registered Massage Therapist

Self Employed?
Naturopathic Medicine is Tax Deductable: Recent Revenue Canada (CRA) Federal legislation now allows business owners to fully tax deduct 100% of their naturopathic healthcare expenses as a business expense using a Health & Welfare Trust. You can also write off 100% of supplement expenses as well. Call 1-888-880-2266 for more information.

Missed appointments OR No Shows
As a general policy due to the extensive research and preparation that is done for a Naturopathic medical program or service, 50% of the visit or service cost will be charged for cancellations without 24 hours notice. No Shows will be charged the full fee as we currently have a waiting list to book our patients in.


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