Tamara Buwalda

Tamara BuwaldaReiki Master,
Transformational Energy Healing

About Tamara Buwalda

Tamara is a new practioner to the Rebalance team. She provides a variety of holistic treatments to facilitate and strengthen your mind-body-soul connection. Tamara’s primary offerings are energy work in the form of Reiki and Access Bars, but she also offers lymphatic massage and soon to be Indian Head Massage.

She is a Reiki Master with trainings in Somatic experiencing. Tamara is a lover of writing, nature, photography and connection, and has been described as outgoing, approachable, and creative.

Tamara has a profound desire to help people reconnect with their higher selves and their personal power in this lifetime.

Her methods of treatment provide you with a well-rounded, customized experience to support your unique individual needs.

If you would like to book a Reiki or Access Bars session etc. or have any questions, please reach out to the office for bookings or contact Tamara directly at [email protected] or on her business page on Instagram @aligned.focus

Tamara Buwalda is available every Thursday from 10:00am-7:00pm for bookings and other available appointments upon request

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