Wendy Hinton

Wendy Hinton

Wendy HintonRegistered Massage Therapist

About Wendy Hinton

Wendy Hinton has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2008, she is also Certified in Acupuncture and Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism {exercise and rehab}.

Wendy has always had an interest in the body’s ability to heal and recover through natural modalities. She not only treats injuries but assesses and treats each client as a whole person and an individual. Wendy believes in the value Massage Therapy can bring to someone and the benefits of being actively involved in their own recovery; in her eyes preventative care is the best medicine and maintaining mobility and movement will positively affect a person’s abilities in life. Wendy has a passion for working with athletes and perinatal clients and has grown her education from her first year in practice to develop her skill set with this population. She discovered early on in her practice that working with athletic perinatal clients from conception to birth and into the postpartum years was very fulfilling for her. Wendy completed her perinatal massage training and education with Trimesters and she has also extended her training into the pregnancy and postpartum fitness and rehab world, allowing her to better support the Athletic minded mother who is navigating their athleticism through motherhood. Beyond the perinatal clients, Wendy offers a variety of treatments that combine both massage and acupuncture, from therapeutic to relaxational, pre and post natal, labor support provider (birth doula), pediatrics athletes, athletic injuries and concussions. Fascial Stretch Therapy, cupping, movement assessment, IASTM and RockTape applications are also utilized in individual treatments as needed. Outside of treatment hours, Wendy is an instructor with Trimesters Pregnancy Massage Therapy Education and continues to grow her skills through many different avenues of continuing education in her field and interests. She found a new love for pottery and wood burning creations while navigating the pandemic life and continues these hobbies today. Wendy is married to her high school sweetheart and can often be found at the rink with her hockey loving son when she is not working or out in her garage training and lifting barbells.

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