Dr. Victoria Bourne, ND

Dr. Victoria Bourne, ND

Dr. Victoria Bourne, NDNaturopathic Doctor

About Dr. Victoria Bourne, ND

Dr. Victoria ND helps people feel grounded and empowered in their health. Her signature approach leans into education so you can leave every visit more knowledgable on your health and what you need to thrive. A deep understanding about your body is power, she wants to help you step into it!

If you’re looking for support with the following it will be a great fit:

  • Hormone Health: periods, endometriosis, PCOS…
  • Low Energy: burnout, deficiencies, mental health…
  • Pregnancy: optimizing health, labour, postpartum, breastfeeding…
  • Pediatrics: especially digestion, mental health, eczema…

I take burnt out mom’s from exhausted and overwhelmed to energized and empowered, because when mom is thriving so does her family!

Want to know more about your doctor? Here are some fun facts about Dr. Victoria ND:

  • As an artist at heart, she plays in painting, pottery, macrame and more
  • Her favourite place is Algonquin Provincial Park for camping
  • Her favourite food is pastries… probably because her parents were pastry chefs!
  • Go to hobbies include weight lifting, hiking, reading

If you are ready for a different approach to your healthcare, to feel seen by your doctor and have the time to dive deep, then please schedule your initial visit today!

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