You’re a what kind of doctor?

What is a naturopathic doctor?

“You are a what kind of doctor”? is a question I commonly get asked when I tell people what I do for a living. The follow-up statements are along the lines of, “Oh, so you’re a homeopath or nutritionist?” Naturopathic doctors are general practitioners that diagnose and treat all conditions with natural-based remedies. We are primary care physicians that work to find the root cause of imbalances to correct the problem or disorder.

What sort of education is required to be a licensed naturopathic doctor?

You must have an undergraduate degree with a certain level of health science classes to get into naturopathic medical school. Four years are spent studying at a doctorate level, two of which include clinical experience and preceptoring in clinics under licensed health care providers. Prior to becoming licensed, we undergo rigorous licensing examinations halfway through the four-year program and at completion with additional provincial board examinations.

Some things people don’t know about naturopathic physicians:

  • We requisition and evaluate lab work and provide physical exams.
  • With additional training and examinations we can prescribe some pharmaceutical medication. Sometimes prescription medication is needed and valued!
  • We refer out when needed and often prefer to work as a team when treating our patients.
  • Most extended health care plans cover visits with naturopathic doctors. Don’t let your benefits go to waste!
  • We treat symptoms but we also work at treating the underlying cause of the disease through the least invasive therapies possible.
  • Some things we might treat you with: nutritional counselling, botanical extracts, acupuncture and chinese medicine, homeopathy, bioidentical hormones, neutraceuticals, nutrient injections and IV therapies.
  • We are regulated health care practitioners

What to expect during your first visit with a naturopathic physician:

The first visit with Dr. Jen the Naturopathic Physicians at Rebalance London Naturopathic & Wellness Clinic is 1.5 hours long and includes a comprehensive assessment, including a complete health history, reviewing past medical records and requisitioning labs as needed. A comprehensive physical exam is also completed during the initial visit. With all of the information collected from this visit, nutritional and other treatment recommendations will be made. We take care in educating our patients on their bodies, the disease process and empowering them to take charge of their health.


Yours in health,
Dr. Jennifer Vidmar B.Sc, Naturopathic Physician


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